Monday, August 1, 2011

Three Things

First off, It's been almost 2 months since I've last posted.  I've finally found some time when the rest of the house is asleep to get around to writing this, and I'm finally publishing this 10 hours later.

Second, trying to write that batrep has been a PITA, so I won't be publishing it.

And finally, for those followers of this blog that are in the Socal area like me, you should be aware of a wargaming convention known as the Socal Smackdown.  The convention is located at the Anaheim Marriott that is literally across the street from Disneyland (well, across a street and a tall wall).  Here's their site, you can pre-register there.  At the moment, registration is only $25 and is valid for all of the days the convention is running.  It will be held over the Labor Day holiday, which means I'll be in high school already (our district has early start/end dates).

The convention has many events for all systems and games, there's D&D, Battletech, Magic, WarmaHordes, and just about every single freaking game, board games included.  One of the events is a 2k 40k GT-style tournament.  After some thinking, I'm fairly certain that I'll be participating.  Of course, I have ABSOLUTELY NO BESLUBBERING IDEA HOW A GT IS DONE.  From what little info I've read, it'll last two days and has a little missions pack that hasn't been released.  Oh, and 3 colors paintjobs are required.  Which means I have so much work to do painting, it's almost funny again.  So far, the army list I'm thinking of goes along these lines:

15 Terminators
1 DP Dread
30 Tac Marines in Rhinos/Razors
1-2 LRs

And fill the rest with other things depending on what missions there will be.

Once again, I'm extremely sorry for not posting often, work, life, etc have still been very busy. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Painting

So I did some more painting work, take a look!

Techmarine with Power Sword

Tactical Sarge

Tactical Sarge with Power Fist

ANOTHER Tactical Sarge

Man with a Bolter

Man with a Flamer

Any questions?  Comments?  Suggestions?  

Monday, June 13, 2011

Painting So Far...

So we got to Vegas at around 5pm today, and I haven't left our hotel room since.  Unfortunately, due to Google Chrome's Angry Birds App, I only painted five models.  Here they are:

On this Terminator, I kind of tried to do blending on the fist, but I had a bit of trouble.  I still think it turned out okay.

On this guy I just did what I usually do for 'glow' effects and he turned out okay.

This is going to be the Sergeant for my Sternguard unit

And this is just a Tactical Sergeant.  The camera doesn't show, but he has a double-sided chainsword.

So what do you think of them?  I know they weren't based when I took the photo, and that some of the edging is bad (not fixed yet, but I intend to), but other than that, what do you guys and girls think?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Incoming: 5k Apocalypse Battle Report

Coming up this weekend is a going to be a 5k v 5k battle report, my Space Marines/Guardsmen vs. my friend Travs' Apocalypse Angel army.  I'll be going to Las Vegas for next week, so expect some painting posts after the batrep.

Meanwhile, does anyone have some suggestions for things a 14 year old can do in Vegas?  I'd ask my friends, but their first suggestion was other 14 year olds....Get it?  Anyways, I hope Travis is ready for a good beatdown!

Friday, June 3, 2011


So I graduated yesterday, my summer vacation has officially begun.  I know, I should have taken pictures of the models I gave my teachers, but I didn't get the chance, I literally woke up at 5 in the morning to finish them.  On the flip side, everyone enjoyed their models and I intend to photograph them when I visit.  Meanwhile, I finally have the time to play a game of  40k, which I will be doing next week.  I know that my blog has mostly been lacking in hobby-related posts, but that will be changing soon.

So here's my to-do list for the next couple of months-
1)  Build a paint shelf out of sheet acrylic
2)  Paint at least 500 points for my army/week
3)  Get at least 2 games in a month

With the other stuff going on (internship, TA work, and some random event that pops up) I should have plenty to do.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day in the USA, and although he isn't dead, I'd like to make mention of my grandfather and my great-uncle, the latter of which recently passed away.  My grandfather served during WWII and my great-uncle during the Cold War.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Models this Weekend

Originally, this was going to be a post reviewing GW's new Finecast models, but then I went to my LGS and went 'unholy shite!' at the prices and decided to wait for another day.  Instead, I blew about $100 on the following-
1)  Blood Angels Death Company (30)
2)  Dark Angels Veterans ($20)
3)  Tactical Squad ($30)
4)  A Gundam H-Arms model.($15)

The Gundam model is fairly close to 40k scale, and if you haven't guessed, it's for a conversion in the future.  For those who haven't seen it (or don't want to Google the image), it's a Gundam model with 4 long-barreled Assault Cannons, 4 chest Assault Cannons, and a ton of missiles.

The first three are going to be conversions, and I'll be posting pics later on.  Meanwhile, if you look down a post you'll notice that I wasn't sure what to get my teachers, and I figured it out-I'd paint up some models to give them.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So my middle school graduation is in a couple of weeks (1st week of June), and I'll be crossing the street to the high school!  Ah well, another year, another eternity in hell, right?  Anyways, I'm working on some ideas for cheap inexpensive gifts for my teachers.  What do you think?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Space Marines Vs. Orks 1500 point Batrep

So sometime in April, I decided to play my first real game of 40k since the world record battle in January.  I ended up playing against this guy, whose name I don't remember (was it Steve?  Josh?  I have no clue)

He was running (mostly) horde Orks while I ran Space Marines.  My marine list was originally for playing against a Necron player who flaked on the last minute, so here's the kicker:  I HAD NO FLAMERS.  Anyhow, we agreed on a normal 12" deployment with one objective each (I think it's the seize ground mission).  I won the roll and decided to go first and deploy first.  I deployed as follows:
On my left flank was a Land Raider Crusader, 1 Dreadnought, my Captain/Command Squad, and an Assault Marine Squad

My right was covered by Terminators and a Tactical Squad.  The Imperial Fist was my objective.

My scouts infiltrated into a building relatively close to the center of the table

I also had a combat squad in a Razorback in reserve.

His deployment was as follows:
On my left was his objective and a 30 man mob of boyz led by a Nob with a Powerklaw.  On my right flank was another 30 man mob along with a Warboss/Nobz in a Battlewagon.  In the center was a squad of Lootas and an empty Trukk used as a point filler.

Turn One-I move up my left flank (the Rhino is terrain).  The command unit is now in the LR.  The snipers shoot at the Lootas, but only cause one casualty.  I forget about them in later turns, proving how good my camo scheme was when I painted them.

His Orks moved up on my right flank, while the ones on the left flank stay put.  The filler point Trukk also moved up.  Loota fire kills a Scout, while Ork shooting (non-template) kills several marines.
Here's the best part though-two of my Terminators died while I was only rolling five armor saves!  I just love my dice!

Turn Two-I move my left flank up, while my reserves arrive to bolster the objective.  The Terminators move up and prepare to fight the Battlewagon Orks.

.The Battlewagon Orks disembark and proceed to butcher the rest of the Terminators.
Meanwhile, the rest of the horde continues to walk up to my Marines.

One Ork Rokkit is able to not only hit, but wreck my Dreadnought.  The Ork Trukk attempts to move up, but is immobilized (I think).

Turn Three-The Assault Marines jump into the Ork horde, and are able to live for now.
The Land Raider becomes immobilized, and the Command Squad jumps out.

The Nobz are at my lines, with the 30 man horde close behind.  I prepare to lose epically.

The Razorback squad had disembarked for a while, and were preparing to be killed by the Nobz.  At this point, I forfeit.

The left is my dead pile, while the right is Josh's (or Steve's).

And here's some pictures of my poor rolling!

If you can't see it, it's three twos and one 'one' on four dice.  That was a Tactical Squad armor save roll.

Later, we played another game, which ended like this.  The Sarge deserves a promotion, he just killed one Kan and caused damage to the other two before being stomped to death.

Anyhow, that's the batrep, now if you'll excuse me, I have to go take out the trash.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

New News That's Already Old...

So GW's raising prices again....Same old, same old, right?  Everyone complains, then resumes buying stuff, just not as much, right?  There's a small group of people who quit and switch to WarmaHordes or something, but overall, GW gets an increase in profits, or at least temporarily until next summer where their profits drop and they do it all over again, right?  Of course, this year is different, but still, it's pretty much the same, with the exception that the world is a lot angrier...

So what can I do that apparently hasn't been done at this point?  I can't think of anything, can you?  There's a Facebook group about it, people are leaving the hobby, and we've even EECB'd them (Executive Email Carpet Bombing, where many people send emails to the top execs of a company to demand change, refunds, or the like.) and got back a response that actually made sense.  So what will I do?

1)  Probably EECB GW execs (not now though, too busy)
2)  Switch all purchases to either Pegasus Hobbies, trading posts, or Ebay
3)  Start a Classic Battletech army (I've been interested since last year at this convention...More on that in the future)

Impact:  Close to zero.

Quite frankly, I'm starting not to care about GW that much anymore.  Also, I'm going to try to get that batrep up Sunday.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Guess What Came in the Mail Today...

A week or so ago, I won the Paint Your Toys giveaway competition.  Today, as I was checking the mail, I received my prize!  Yay!  No pics yet, but this is more of a shout-out to Larry of PYT.  I will be filing off the BA/DA insignias and paint them up for my Salamanders or something.  I know I'm off-schedule, but there's one more post tomorrow about a price rant.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


As I said, I'm going to post pics of Mr. St. Amant's work soon, and I'm also testing out my brand new light box.

Anyways, I only had an hour to teach him everything, and using what I taught him plus his former experience, he cranked out this model:

I know my camera doesn't exactly do a great job at taking pics, but still, his work better than any of the garbage that comes from me.  All of these photos are not edited, so I may have a problem with the white balance/color correction mode on my camera.  Also, here it is with a piece of terrain that I've been working on lately:
So what do you think?

Next post:  Batrep

Monday, May 16, 2011


So admittedly, I haven't posted in a long, long time.  Unfortunately, I was dealing with some RW issues, mostly home problems, but also an impending middle school graduation.  And today, at 3:45 in the morning, while I wait for a video project of mine to finish rendering, with the entire house asleep, I find the time to type this out.  SO in the past 1.5 months, a lot has happened.  Allow me to sum it up-

  • I stepped down from my club that I started-As I said, things were really busy, and sadly, I have to abandon my pride and joy.  However...
  • I was able to show my art teacher (Mr. St. Amant, AKA the teacher who runs my club) how to paint models, and the truth is, he's better than me.  Pics in the near future.
  • I got one game in- my first game in months.  And I got thrashed.  Batrep in the near future.
  • I became addicted to this game called Mousehunt.  I suppose I really like this because of two important reasons: 1)  It's passive and doesn't require active attention as much as 40k and 2)  Have you seen the frickin awesome artwork in that game?  It makes me want to convert some Skaven after these fellows- The Zombie MouseBionic Mouse, and the Mutated White Mouse.
  • I built a light box for my models, but I'm still working on the light part (I just need the right bulbs).

Well, all I can do now is cross my fingers really tight and hope that all of you haven't abandoned my blog yet.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

GW Pertinent Competition

So the GW Pertinent Blog is having a competition to name three of my personal favorite posts from its site.  After looking at a lot of the stuff on the site, here's my favorite things:

1)  Travel Space Hulk Series
I own a copy of Space Hulk (something I might sell soon because I don't have the time to play it anymore) and I know how hard it can be to set up a game in my own home.  I wouldn't even DARE bring it on the road with me though.  But they made a version that is both portable, and looks good.  Not to mention that it has magnets.

2)  Inspiration from Dad
I enjoy the whole 'family bonding' thing (probably because ours doesn't get any), and it's always nice to see a father introduce his son into wargaming.  This bell tower looks awesome, and I find it hard to believe that it uses mainly business cards.  Also, the lights, bell, and water fountain work, with the first two able to be wired up, and the water fountain giving the illusion of running water.

3)  Space Sharks Terminators
Those who follow my blog know that I have a love for Terminators, and coupled with the fact they they're magnetized is even better.  I know that he didn't actually magnetize them, but they still ARE magnetized, which means I just like them more.  I can't wait to see them painted.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Life is in the way

So I know that I haven't updated anything here for the past two week, but I've been very busy in the real world. However, I have several things in the pipe for everyone:
1)  GK Review
Everyone and their grandmother seems to have their own two cents on the release, so I might as well chime in
2)  Tutorial
Using a Dremel and an X-Acto, I make Battle Damage on buildings and tanks
3)  Tutorial
I'm going to try and build an adequate light box with foamboard and paper
4)  Secret Special
All I'll say is that it's going to be a new series on my blog.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh Look, Something New, and Good News

If you didn't notice, there is now a blogroll of the blogs that I follow on the left hand side of the blog.  I know that this list is limited, so if you want to add your blog to it, then contact me at howard.chen1997 at  Also, some good news- For those of you who know of my hobby plight, my father recently decided to return to me the 40k stuff that he took away, with the help of some of my school teachers and others.  That means that I can go back to gaming again, but there's always bad news to go with good.  I've realized that the way he stuffed all of the stuff into a box has seriously ruined my painted models' paintjobs, and he also seems to have lost/permanently destroyed several models/books/posters.  This is really for the people who offered me some items to help me rebuild my army and those who are concerned about how I'm doing.  Well, have a great day.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Review: Ultramarines the Movie

So on Sunday, I got to see the Ultramarines movie made by Codex Pictures at their Glendale fan screening.  I also won a T-shirt and was able to bring home enough collector's pins and DVD coupons for everyone in my club.  So yeah, it was a great day.  Anyways, on to the review.

I'm reviewing this movie by four categories:  Plot, Fluff-Accuracy, Animation, and Msc.  This miscellaneous category is everything I feel should be covered but isn't.

Now, first off, SPOILER ALERT
Plotline: 3/5
The story starts out with a new Tactical Squad investigating a distress beacon, eventually finding that they will be entering the figurative meat grinder, yet pressing on to find an answer.  The battles in there are all well done, along with the character development of one of the main characters, Proteus.  However, some of the things non-40kers/inexperienced 40kers may not understand.  There are plenty of examples, so I won't list them.

Fluff-Accuracy: 5/5
The movie isn't correct according to today's SM fluff, but Dan Abnett is a more classic person, so the movie is fairly accurate by my book.  The apothecary is drawing the gene-seed of the marines from their chest, there is a rivalry/distrust between the chapters, even the better-off ones, and the weapons work as described (especially that slow motion bolter round).  However, what I don't get is how a Captain and an Apothecary are only leading one tactical squad.  I understand that SM are elite, but I'd figure at least another Combat squad would be more reasonable.  I don't exactly know what the Chaplain was doing when he did that "Turn Heretic" thing though.  Was it Litanies of Hate?

Animation: 4/5
My expectations for the animation work was not that high, considering I've seen Codex Pictures' work before (Lego Bionicle movie), but they did pretty good for a movie on an extremely low budget of 14 million (Compare that to Toy Story 3's budget of 200 million).  There are spots where the animation shows, and others where I think it's close to the real deal.  I also would like to say that they did what I think is an excellent job on the Chaos, especially the Greater Demon/Demon Prince.

Msc: 4/5
Action Scenes:  All of the battles are in the second half, which makes it all the more action-y.  My favorite one would be the final one inside the Battle barge, and a close second would be the 'extraction' one.
Voiceovers:  The new recruits sound nice, fresh, and young, just like they should, while the Apothecary's voice is old and ancient.  The Captain's falls in between, and it sounds fairly reasonable
Music:  There isn't much music, but when there is, it's fitting for the scenes, and sounds alright.
Concept:  Personally, I would have favored an actual full-scale battle like the Battle of Macragge (I finally know how to pronounce it!).  However, it's alright, and it falls into the not bad but not good either category for me.
Camera Shots:  One of the worst parts of the movie, other than the animation.  Certain transitions made my eyes (they're sensitive) hurt by going from extreme bright to pitch black, and I feel that some more aerial shots of the battles should have been included.  Also, the Space Marine's perspective shots weren't that amazing either.  To be frank, the opening one reminded me of Call of Duty.

Overall 4/5
It definitely was a great film for the fans of 40k, but it may have some trouble approaching more general audiences.  Also, being rated R doesn't exactly help it get more views (they weren't checking for age at the screening, thank god).  Anyhow, I also got a coupon code at the end of the film, and for reading through that review (which I'm sure was crappy), I'm going to save you $8 on the film by giving you the code.  It's TRU11 and it expires in July this year.  Enjoy!

Oh, and another thing, I'll post up the pics of me in my Ultramarines T-shirt and the pin at a later date.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another quick update

So my dad is still sticking around, but he's leaving the country on Saturday for almost a month.  In the meanwhile, I've purchased some items in preparation for him.

  • A few Liquitex paints to make into washes, from Michael Kan's site.  I've had success with the Paynes Gray in the past, so I thought it would be nice to give the rest of them a shot.
  • My art teacher agreed to help me get some real 'quality' brushes, Raphael 8404 series, sizes 0 and 1, along with me getting this brush soap/preserver a la From The Warp
  • Finally, an acrylic box frame to use as a painting station/tray from the now non-existent WeeToySoldiers site.
I told my dad that the paints and the box frame were for a project, he'll never know =).

Another thing, I'll post some pics later on, when I get everything together, Saturday maybe?  Also, on Sunday, I'll be down in Glendale for the Free Ultramarines Movie screening.  Is anyone else going to be there?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


As most of you know, From the Warp has now been put into stasis until further notice.  I've followed the blog for almost the last two years of the hobby, and it's sad to see such a great site grind to a halt like this.  On the plus side, Ron will now get to spend more time with his family, friends, and the real world.  At the very least, his commission work will still continue via his minor blog, Black Dot Studios, so I can't wait to see what he churns out.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Some updates on the home front

Well, just thought I'd post up some news.

One member of the online 40k community has offered me a safe box to store some models in, and my father is leaving on a business trip next week.  Also, I recently sold some of my old stuff off on ebay, so I'll have some cash to spend.  I'm probably going to get some paints, brushes, and a few models to work with.

Also, I'm going to be posting sometime every weekend, with irregular updates on the weekdays (If there are any).

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two New Army Lists: Salamanders and Deathwing (Salamanders 1st. Co.)

As promised, two lists are going up today:

1)  The Salamanders list:

Captain Terminator Armor w. Combi-Melta and Thunder Hammer 160 160
Librarian Powers:  Null Zone, The Avenger 100 260
Tactical Squad 10 Man Unit with Meltagun, Multimelta, and Sgt. Power Fist in Rhino 235 495
Tactical Squad 10 Man Unit with Flamer, Multimelta, and Sgt. Combi-Flamer in Rhino 205 700
Tactical Squad 10 Man Unit with Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon, and Sgt. Power Weapon in Razorback 240 940 Dreadnought Heavy Flamer DCCW 115 1055
Terminator Squad Heavy Flamer 205 1260
Land Raider Redeemer None 240 1500

2)  Salamander's 1st Co. Deathwing:

Chapter Master Tu'shan (Belial) Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield 130 130
Terminator Command Squad Apothecary with Chainfist, Standard Bearer with Chainfist, 2 Thunder Hammers/Storm Shields, Assault Cannon 310 440
Terminator Squad 2 Thunder Hammers/Storm Shields, 2 Chainfists, 1 Cyclone Missile Launcher 245 685 Terminator Squad 2 Thunder Hammers/Storm Shields, 2 Chainfists, 1 Cyclone Missile Launcher 245 930 Terminator Squad 1 Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield, 3 Chainfists, Assault Cannon 260 1190
Terminator Squad 1 Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield, 2 Chainfists, Heavy Flamer, 1 Pair of Lightning Claws 230 1420
Land Speeder Typhoon 80 1500

So both lists are 1.5k points each, they're meant for casual gaming, but should be strong enough to hold out to rank in the upper 1/4 of a tournament.  What do you think?

Oh, and I'm feeling much better, now there's only coughing.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I know I promised to post up some army lists for the Deathwing and Salamander lists, but I've been sick again.  Hopefully, it'll be up by the weekend.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Planning Reconstruction

Well everyone, it's been a hard two months, but I'm getting by.  The blog has been re-added to the FTW blog group, and I hope to be able to get some form of an army together soon.  Now, however, is the time for planning.  This is the time for me to write up army lists, the time to find places to hide the army, so on and so forth.  Because several people have expressed their want to donate to me, I have also added a Paypal donate button on the lower-right hand column.  Several ideas running through my head right now though, for all those who are interested:

1)  Deathwing-I was able to play a friend's DA army a bit back (after the FAQ and my father's compromising) and Deathwing suddenly look more attractive.  I am thinking of running a All-Terminator Salamander's 1st Company list with these guys, I'll have a list soon.

2)  Traditional SM-I used to do Salamanders, and I think I'm probably going to go back to them.

3)  Grey Knights-I've always had an uncanny attraction to unlucky numbers, and this is the 666th chapter, and it has a new book coming out....with cool models....

4)  Two smaller armies, say Orks and Tau/Eldar for the club-I still run the club, but I don't have anything to bring them, but as I said, we're getting by.

For options 1&2 I will have 1.5k army lists out soon.  So what's your opinion on all of this?

Don't Forget Us Yet!

If you'll scroll down the blog, you'll remember that my dad decided to destroy most of the 40k stuff that I own at home.  However, several people who have heard of my plight have offered me a hand in rebuilding my forces.  So stick around, I'll be back soon with more.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

I thought I might as well do this, some of the folks who read this still might be interested.  First off, happy new years and welcome to 2011.  Also, some better news:  Some people who wanted to help recently contacted me and are willing to donate a small amount to help me rebuild.