Sunday, January 30, 2011

Planning Reconstruction

Well everyone, it's been a hard two months, but I'm getting by.  The blog has been re-added to the FTW blog group, and I hope to be able to get some form of an army together soon.  Now, however, is the time for planning.  This is the time for me to write up army lists, the time to find places to hide the army, so on and so forth.  Because several people have expressed their want to donate to me, I have also added a Paypal donate button on the lower-right hand column.  Several ideas running through my head right now though, for all those who are interested:

1)  Deathwing-I was able to play a friend's DA army a bit back (after the FAQ and my father's compromising) and Deathwing suddenly look more attractive.  I am thinking of running a All-Terminator Salamander's 1st Company list with these guys, I'll have a list soon.

2)  Traditional SM-I used to do Salamanders, and I think I'm probably going to go back to them.

3)  Grey Knights-I've always had an uncanny attraction to unlucky numbers, and this is the 666th chapter, and it has a new book coming out....with cool models....

4)  Two smaller armies, say Orks and Tau/Eldar for the club-I still run the club, but I don't have anything to bring them, but as I said, we're getting by.

For options 1&2 I will have 1.5k army lists out soon.  So what's your opinion on all of this?

Don't Forget Us Yet!

If you'll scroll down the blog, you'll remember that my dad decided to destroy most of the 40k stuff that I own at home.  However, several people who have heard of my plight have offered me a hand in rebuilding my forces.  So stick around, I'll be back soon with more.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

I thought I might as well do this, some of the folks who read this still might be interested.  First off, happy new years and welcome to 2011.  Also, some better news:  Some people who wanted to help recently contacted me and are willing to donate a small amount to help me rebuild.