Saturday, May 28, 2011

Models this Weekend

Originally, this was going to be a post reviewing GW's new Finecast models, but then I went to my LGS and went 'unholy shite!' at the prices and decided to wait for another day.  Instead, I blew about $100 on the following-
1)  Blood Angels Death Company (30)
2)  Dark Angels Veterans ($20)
3)  Tactical Squad ($30)
4)  A Gundam H-Arms model.($15)

The Gundam model is fairly close to 40k scale, and if you haven't guessed, it's for a conversion in the future.  For those who haven't seen it (or don't want to Google the image), it's a Gundam model with 4 long-barreled Assault Cannons, 4 chest Assault Cannons, and a ton of missiles.

The first three are going to be conversions, and I'll be posting pics later on.  Meanwhile, if you look down a post you'll notice that I wasn't sure what to get my teachers, and I figured it out-I'd paint up some models to give them.


  1. I wish I could go blow £100 on some new models =/
    I look forward to seeing what they look like though!

  2. @Warflake
    I'm just lucky that my teacher pays me for doing extra work on weekends/after school. My yearbook class has been working bringing out the yearbooks and our class is (for the most part) filled with useless people.

  3. Deathsythe is a way cooler Gundam.

  4. @theDarkHeir-
    But the H-Arms model has so much more Dakka that I can use!