Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Painting

So I did some more painting work, take a look!

Techmarine with Power Sword

Tactical Sarge

Tactical Sarge with Power Fist

ANOTHER Tactical Sarge

Man with a Bolter

Man with a Flamer

Any questions?  Comments?  Suggestions?  


  1. That green is real nice man. What is it?

  2. @Warflake:

    The darker green is a black gesso primer with Liquitex's Hooker's Green straight out of the bottle with an overbrush of VMC Flat Green. The lighter green is the Hooker's Green over spray painted Krylon Farm and Implement Green (A bit brighter than the flat green and glossy). In the past, I would only basecoat with Knarloc Green.

  3. HC, hiya it's been awhile, it's the other Travis, we met about a year ago in this game with NewHeretic from 40kO. ( Wondering what you have been up to and I find this blog, go figure, lol. What store do you regular in SoCal? I might come down to meet up with you again one day, I plan to go to the LA Bunker this Saturday in fact but to meet up with a Facebook group I joined. Good wishes n' all, you can reach me easily @ I'm in the chatbox there often, and they can help you with tactics n' such.