Monday, August 1, 2011

Three Things

First off, It's been almost 2 months since I've last posted.  I've finally found some time when the rest of the house is asleep to get around to writing this, and I'm finally publishing this 10 hours later.

Second, trying to write that batrep has been a PITA, so I won't be publishing it.

And finally, for those followers of this blog that are in the Socal area like me, you should be aware of a wargaming convention known as the Socal Smackdown.  The convention is located at the Anaheim Marriott that is literally across the street from Disneyland (well, across a street and a tall wall).  Here's their site, you can pre-register there.  At the moment, registration is only $25 and is valid for all of the days the convention is running.  It will be held over the Labor Day holiday, which means I'll be in high school already (our district has early start/end dates).

The convention has many events for all systems and games, there's D&D, Battletech, Magic, WarmaHordes, and just about every single freaking game, board games included.  One of the events is a 2k 40k GT-style tournament.  After some thinking, I'm fairly certain that I'll be participating.  Of course, I have ABSOLUTELY NO BESLUBBERING IDEA HOW A GT IS DONE.  From what little info I've read, it'll last two days and has a little missions pack that hasn't been released.  Oh, and 3 colors paintjobs are required.  Which means I have so much work to do painting, it's almost funny again.  So far, the army list I'm thinking of goes along these lines:

15 Terminators
1 DP Dread
30 Tac Marines in Rhinos/Razors
1-2 LRs

And fill the rest with other things depending on what missions there will be.

Once again, I'm extremely sorry for not posting often, work, life, etc have still been very busy.